PROJECT G9 was the code name for a collaborative project between PSA and Fiat groups to design and engineer a new van and people carrier that resulted in the Peugeot Expert, Citroën Jumpy and Fiat Scudo models.

I was lead production designer for the interior panels of this project which was mostly done at Giugiaro Design’s facilities outside Turin in Italy.
Once the styling was complete, my role was to design elements that were added after the styling phase had finished, to maintain the chosen styling theme as closely as possible and to work with production design engineers making sure that engineering solutions didn’t degrade the aesthetics. 
The work mainly consisted of working with 3D modellers to refine the surfaces and assemblies as they evolved to take into account manufacturing tolerances and injection molding draft angles etc. I was forced to improve my Italian very quickly because my 3D modellers didn’t speak much English.
A lot of attention was placed on the perceived quality of the finish during the final modelling phases and close inspection of the electrodes that create the molds was require towards the end of the project. 


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