I wanted to improve my Alias Automotive 3D modelling skills so I decided to create a car that belongs to a car category that I think needs to exist – All-American, electric muscle cars.
I chose to create a GT coupe, inspired by classic muscle cars for Tesla since they are an American brand and leaders in electric car technology.


Having completed the exterior 3D model of the Tesla GT Muscle car, it occurred to me that the shape could easily be transformed into an elegant convertible.
This meant that the model would require an interior, which I subsequently modeled directly in 3D.
Without a roof, the convertible’s exterior doesn’t have the same dynamic stance as the coupe, Instead, it’s perceived length is greater giving it a more elegant and glamorous character.


Urban mobility is currently dominated by stand-up electric scooters, usually rented using smart phone apps.
Many city dwellers were so impressed by the speed and convenience of these scooters that they bought their own which they often park inside their place of work right next to their desk.
If you want to sit down during your commute then there are few options offering the same advantages.
This inspired me to design the Scootcase. Based on a lightweight carbon fibre monocoque frame, the small wheels integrate batteries and a motor, both identical wheels are driven.


After picking up a 3D printed ABS part for the first time, I was amazed by how light and strong it was. This made me wonder if I could redesign an existing bicycle frame and improve its aerodynamic performance by bonding 3D printed plastic onto it. I decided to explore and experiment with 3D printing bike parts to see what kind of aerodynamic improvements can be achieved.


Electrical assistance has made pedal powered cargo vehicles much more accessible. Their popularity is increasing thanks to their small footprint and the increasing implementation of cycling infrastructure in larges cities.
Although almost every variant of human powered cargo vehicle has been tried during the past 130+ years, there are many more ideas to be imagined based upon modern needs and modern technology.
This is a collection of ideas that in some cases might inspire new mobile businesses with low overheads or provide low cost but effective marketing strategies


Today’s young designers are really pushing the boundaries of digital sketching, it’s important for us older designers to keep evolving our sketch styles. In this section I’ll be adding new sketches from time to time.


Compared to an adult’s bike, a child’s mountain bike doesn’t have to support as much weight and the smaller size naturally makes them strong.
This allows a bit more freedom with the styling so in my sketches I didn’t restrict myself.
I tried boy and girl specific designs but the frame design that was selected was a unisex design with a low cross bar that makes it easy for children’s short legs to step over the frame.


A friend recently bought a Parisian appartment on the ground floor of a building facing a large courtyard enclosed by 3 other appartment blocks.
She discovered that it was possible to add a veranda to enlarge the apartments’ floor surface, 3 neighbours expressed an interest and started planning to make their projects happen.
I was asked to provide visuals and plans to show that 3 different sized verandas could look harmonious together.
I measured and took photos to base a 3D model on. I modelled everything and provided visuals using Alias.

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